A Summer Treat: Lychee Fruit Margarita


Oh summer, how I love thee! The sun shines longer and life is more relaxed. Passing time in my back yard, my tiny urban oasis, becomes a daily ritual.

When I’m entertaining in the garden, one of my favorite summertime drinks to serve is a lychee fruit margarita (it would actually be good anytime of year, I just find more lychee fruit available in summer). The floral notes of the lychee combined with the smooth tequila and the light, citrus flavors of lime and orange make a delicious treat.

If you haven’t had lychee fruit before, try it! It is juicy and delicious with a sweet, perfume-like flavor. The outer peal comes off easily to reveal a smooth white pulp – that is the fruit. In the center you will find the lychee nut. Lychees are most commonly grown in Asia, but they are also being harvested in California and Florida. Seasonally, I am able to find them at our local natural food store, but they can also be found at many Asian markets.

Lychee Fruit Margarita

In a shaker combine the following:

2 oz. tequila

1/2 oz. orange liquor

Juice from 1/2 lime

7-10 dashes orange bitters

4 drops Habanero shrub (optional)

2 muddled lychee fruits


Shake until very cold and then serve immediately.

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