Milwaukee in Photos: A City of Surprises

I live in a great city! For many it is most famous for beer and cheese, or for those great duos Harley Davidson and Laverne & Shirley…but Milwaukee is so much more (especially for this beer-averse vegan). It is a city of music festivals, great food, cultural experiences, professional sports teams, parks and beaches. Each time an out-of-town guest comes to stay with us they leave saying, I had no idea Milwaukee was such an interesting place.

For families like ours, Milwaukee is easy to navigate by foot or bike, with miles of paths moving through the city. There are interactive museums, environmental centers, and playgrounds galore. Restaurants are kid friendly – even the fancy ones – so you don’t have to worry if your bring a little one along. It has been a wonderful place to raise our daughter.

This week on Entertaining Family, as a love letter to my hometown, I have composed a gallery of my favorite places and spaces. I hope you might find time to visit. Enjoy!

So those are just some highlights of the city – I could have posted a million more but had to edit myself (which isn’t always easy). Milwaukee makes a lot of special appearances on Entertaining Family. If you’re interested in seeing more of this beautiful place, check out Family Field Trips or Using Nature to Inspire Your Tablescape. I plan on writing a city guide in the weeks to come.


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