Start Planning Your Thanksgiving Table Today

At Entertaining Family we are passionate about occasions that bring people together. Thanksgiving is one of our favorites! This beloved holiday is a time to celebrate all of our blessings while feasting with family and friends. Setting a special table is one simple way to show people you love and appreciate them – and it can be so much fun because there are endless possibilities!

To create the looks we are showcasing, you don’t have to run out and spend a fortune! You can turn up the drama while being kind to your pocketbook. That being said, here are a few creative ways to set a memorable table this Thanksgiving:

Choose a playful centerpiece. Filling your table with feathers, branches, or pine cones can be fun and elegant. These choices add texture and color without using a traditional floral arrangement. They are sure to be a conversation starter!

Replace flowers with fruits and vegetables. Ornamental cabbages, apples, gourds, and artichokes are all in season and they are fabulous substitutes for fall flowers. These pieces of produce add vibrant color in an unexpected way. And best of all, you can cook some of them into a great dish when you are done entertaining.

Use cranberries to anchor a formal arrangement. Cranberries are beautiful and relatively inexpensive, and they are certainly appropriate for Thanksgiving. Don’t just simmer them into a side dish this year – use them to add an unexpected splash of color to a glass vase. This arrangement was one of my favorites!

Cranberry arrangement

Try a mix of materials to create a sophisticated table. Don’t be afraid to shake it up this Thanksgiving! Use masculine woods, glittering metals, and soft fabrics to bring warmth and depth to your table. The interplay between textures will create an interesting and appealing backdrop for your gathering.


Go for bold colors! Hosting a formal dinner doesn’t have to mean white porcelain plates on top of a white tablecloth. Play with jewel tones, primary colors, or unexpected pastels. The table tops below demonstrate just how fun a colorful table can be.

When setting your Thanksgiving table, don’t take yourself too seriously! Add playful elements that let your personality shine. This place setting from Crate & Barrel is both fun and elegant.

Crate & Barrel table setting

Finally, remember the kids! Making it through a long dinner party can be challenging for children, so create a special place for them. Use a little bit of whimsy to get little ones excited – and make sure you give them plenty of art supplies to keep their creative minds entertained.

Kids setting

{Thanks to Crate & Barrel, Domino, HGTV, and Design Sponge for some of the images included in this post.}

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