Our Kitchen Remodel Is Complete!

Entertaining Family Kitchen Update

Dear friends, we made it. Our kitchen is finally finished! You may remember my nostalgic post that came at the start of this project. Well, after eight weeks of cramped quarters, take-out, and visits to the laundromat, the difficult days are behind us. And, I must admit, it was worth the wait (in retrospect) – we are absolutely loving our new space.

For our project we worked with Cynthia Musickant, an interior designer located in Mequon, Wisconsin. She helped us develop a personalized space that honors the way we live (laid-back, comfortable, relaxed…). After her first design consultation it was clear that she understood our style. My husband and I love vibrant colors, patterns, and textures, and crave unique design elements that are an extension of our personalities. He’s the creative director of an advertising agency, and I’m an art historian – needless to say, we don’t have conventional tastes.

Rather than create a bland space that might appeal to the masses, she put together a thoughtful plan that was perfectly suited for us. From the farmhouse sink to the old-fashioned pendant lights, the details are timeless and give a nod to the era of our old home. In contrast, the quartz counter tops, range hood, and stainless steel appliances are sleek and modern. I find that balance of old and new very pleasing. Of course, my favorite element of the entire design is the unique backsplash (the pièce de résistance) that ties everything together.

Entertaining Family Tile ProjectEntertaining Family Kitchen Island

In addition to finally having a bright and cheerful kitchen, our space is functional and easy to navigate. As people who love to entertain, we now have places to store our dishes, serving trays, gadgets, and doodads. We also have an island that doubles a prep space and a dining area – and that was important to us. Finally, our old kitchen was rather dark, as you can see in the slides below, so in order to let in more sunlight, the new kitchen has a decorative transom window overlooking our garden.

Here is a short slideshow of the before, during, and afters of our Entertaining Family kitchen project. I am so happy with the transformation. A huge thanks to our friends at Greener Roofs & Gardens who did the construction work on this project. They are also the talented team responsible for designing our phenomenal outdoor spaces.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Thank you for visiting! Now it’s time to get back to hosting dinner parties and posting wonderful recipes for our Entertaining Family community! -Mara

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